Saturday, January 31, 2015

My New Jimmy Choo Perfume!

I was so excited to receive a really generous gift from a personal friend to Lord and Taylor's. I don't have much need for brand new clothes (hello, thrift shop!) but I had been eyeing (smelling?) a new scent.
Since the beginning of college, I've had the same perfume, and "smell". I still really enjoy the scent, but I have been looking to switch it up after 5 years!
Enter Jimmy Choo's new scent. It is light, and not too floral/grandma-y. I also like that it is a good everyday scent; I could wear this out to a nice dinner or to work.

Plus, have you seen the bottle? So pretty. (Don't act like it doesn't matter!)

I also received this really cool python bag as a GWP. Since a friend really wanted a large train case -ish bag, I decided to pass it on. Why not?
What is your scent? How has it changed throughout the last few years?

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Review: Pickle Dog Design

You know what I don't get? Every single Youtuber on earth seems to start their "Favorites" videos with a statement like "I can't believe January is (almost) over!" OMG! Time passing...who could have believed it?

Now, I have a solution for all those hyper-organized bloggers who are mystified by months and seasons. ;)

Pickle Dog's vintage-style 2015 calendar is a great desk calendar. In a world of Gcal invites, this calendar is a great break. The calendar fits in a CD case, and you switch out the small calendar cards (one for each months, obvs). It's super cute and won't dominate your entire desk!

Plus, look at that pickle dog. Gimme dat!

Pickle Dog Design Review
Pickle Dog Design Review

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mood Board: Hallie Union & Fifth #union5nyfw

I was so excited to learn about this great blogger opportunity to win a trip to New York Fashion Week from Hallie Daily! Like Hallie at the beginning of her blogging career, New York Fashion Week has always been a wish of mine! I have lived in New York my entire life, and it would be great to explore all the runway shows!

Union & Fifth is an designer online consignment store with proceeds going to charity. The site is super well designed, and I love how many photographs there are of each item! You even can see which charity (ex. AIDS Fund) will receive a donation based off your purchase. I love the transparency and commitment to a greater world beyond fashion and consumerism!

For my mood board, I really played off the leather accents for the skirt. I also have been loving the 1980's big florals, so I paired that all together. I hope this gives you some inspiration on this wintery January day!

Hallie and Union & Fifth #union5nyfw

Yves Saint Laurent jacket

Rag & bone gray boots
$530 -

Review: Diamonds and Coal Jewelry (from Wake Foot Sanctuary)

About a month ago, I learned about Wake Foot Sanctuary. The spa based in Asheville, North Carolina features both a spa experience and a shop of locally made and sourced jewelry and soaps! Additionally, ll soaks are done with locally produced products. Go check them out in person in NC and online {facebook // twitter // instagram}!

I was so happy to get this gift of a Diamonds and Coal Spiked Bracelet "Lil Devil"! Diamonds and Coal is an Etsy shop also based in Asheville, North Carolina. I love that every piece is done by hand and uniquely created by Erin Joy. In only a year, Diamonds Coal has already been featured at the Venetian's restaurant TAO and in multiple boutiques in Las Vegas.

Diamonds and Coal Jewelry
Diamonds and Coal Jewelry 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Links I Love

  • This piece on the digital workers behind the products you use everyday. Who are they? Why do they do these tasks? This is a brief glimpse into microworkers...
  • If you've ever felt like you can't find love because of a lack of singles, this story might surprise you...
  • Make every nap better.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Review: Mimi Boutique Buckle Cuff

A few weeks ago, I received a gorgeous purple bag in the mail...what could this be?