Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Night Wrapup

Watching: The Bond movies! Other than the Daniel Craig ones, I hadn't seen any of the others (I know!). As a self described movie buff, I decided to rectify that this week! The first was a pretty decent light movie, but the second was slow. Very slow...especially compared to modern day movies. Will be watching more this week!

Reading: North and South from the Billfold Book Club (free on Amazon as an eBook). I just started but there's already some drama and romance. I am super excited to read the rest.

Doing: Watch Repair! Somehow in my head, this was a lot more complicated than it ended up being! I will put up a quick DIY for replacing a watch battery if you too are a noob. ;)

Loving: hosting my first giveaway! I am so happy to see so many entrants and to make someone's day a bit better last Friday. Super pumped for the next one....(hint: Kate Spade!!)

Thinking: thrifted sportswear...yay or nay? I am a bit iffy on this, but I am wondering if I am being crazy. I wear thrift store dresses and is it any different? Let me know what you think!

Last Few Days of Beach Weather...

These last few weeks in September, I have really been trying to take advantage of beach weather. Even though each beach day is awesome, September days really have the feel of a "bonus".
September beach day

Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Inspiration: Help when you feel helpless

"Help when you feel helpless".

Whenever you want to see the full extent of your power, just give.

Give your time, your energy, your thoughts. Whatever you are capable of, give.

Hope you are all doing well and having a great Friday!

Henri Bendel Luxe Vanilla Bean Candle

Pastor Sara on Instagram is hosting a HUGE giveaway! I just received my gift of a super luxe Henri Bendel Vanilla Bean Candle and it is so awesome! It's a ginormous candle :)

This is so totally luxe! I also really appreciated the card and wishes for a great 2014! There are some awesome people out there, and Pastor Sara is one of them! Thanks again!
Henri Bendel Vanilla Bean Candle

I love the packaging of the Henri Bendel Vanilla Bean Candle!
Now, go enter yourself & follow @pastorsara #psaragives!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Enlightened Bee Skull Pillow Review!

When I first saw the burlap skull pillow from Enlightened Bee (website // shop // instagram) in a contest from the blog Pacific Ritual, I was super psyched. I was even more excited to win it!

First of all, this print on a burlap is so unique. Have you even seen anything like this in a Homegoods? Yeah...I thought so :)

Enlightened Bee Skull Pillow

Tiny Buddha & Soul Pancake

After subscribing to a lot of self improvement newsletters, most get repetitive real fast...

"I did xyz to feel better, and it should work for you, too..."

"I made my life better with this 1 trick nobody will believe!!"

I found Tiny Buddha and its Daily newsletters are very different. You get two writers a day, ensuring there will be at least few things that speak to you. It is less about the speaker (and individual actions) but more about approaches to life in the abstract. I have already saved three of the last seven newsletters, and highly recommend it if you have space in your inbox!

The other site I have tried is SoulPancake. I have nothing against motivational quotes written out over an image (in fact, I quite like some & post them on Instagram!!). Their Facebook account just never goes beyond that, which I think is disappointing for a site with such high goals.

Are you subscribed to any motivational newsletters? What do you think about them?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday night wrapup

This week, I was so pumped to get out to the beach a few last times in September. The water has been gorgeous and I feel so blessed to take advantage of it!!

Watching: The Comeback featuring Lisa Kudrow. I was never a fan of Friends: the characters are not that funny to me and I don't care about what happens in their life. I know so many people who loved Friends, and hate my davorifes Office/P&R/Curb, so I am just laying out my preferences. The Comeback is so amazingly follows Valerie Cherish, a has been TV star from the 80s as she looks for a second shot at fame.

OK, by that description, you may be a mockumentary version of true tori? But it is so much more...the embarrassed TV producer Janie and her husband Mark make me laugh even more than Valerie at points.

The show is free right now on Amazon Prime with 13 short episodes for season 1. Now 9 years later, S2 is premiering in November on HBO.

Tracking: I have been tracking my food in the LoseIt app for the past few weeks and liking it much better than MyFitnessPal. More food options & I can scan barcodes. I have one big issue with both: am I the only person who *gains* after food tracking? I need to figure out a better system...

Loving: Kindness of strangers... Will be posting recaps of some lovely gifts from Instagram!

Don't forget: Enter my giveaway on Instagram to win nail & eyelash products! This will be one of many giveaways to come!