Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Unauthorized: Saved by the Bell Recap Review

Every morning during middle school, I would watch Saved by the Bell. It didn't matter that the episodes weren't in any sense of order--I was obsessed! When I heard there was a new Lifetime movie based on Dustin Diamond's life, I was skeptical but interested. Sure, Dustin Diamond is a creep, but there must be some exciting tales behind the scenes of a hit show?

Well...let's just say I learned absolutely nothing new about Saved by the Bell's cast other Dustin Diamond played pranks and was blackmailed. Even if you are thinking, "eh okay, that sounds kind of good", NO! The blackmail scene is completely expected and telegraphed, and the "pranks" are terrible. At one point, he puts a fake tarantula under an orange bucket. Not even a real tarantula?! C'mon now.

Other than that, it's a long slog from initial casting to the show's high school graduation finale. With 6 characters, we only get the smallest tidbits of personality. Lark (Lisa Turtle) was actually a Jehovah's Witness and Elizabeth (Jessie Spano) was a dancer trying to get into movies! In the final few scenes, we see short clips of the actors and the journey they have gone through...unfortunately, it only highlights how little development each character had. Mario Lopez is basically down to an audition scene and a photoshoot!

The plot was uneven, also, in terms of the intended audience. It seemed to be for people who have never seen the show, as a lot is spent on how the characters acted (obvious to anyone who had seen the show once--not that deep of a show). Also, a lot is explained about the earlier series Miss Bliss, but nothing about the TV movie with the wedding?! The Las Vegas movie was so bad that it needed a mention in this!

As for the good, the Zach-like "time outs" was a cute device with Screech. The adults in the movie were passable actors, and were believable as industry execs. The clothing and styling was great-some of the scenes (Winter Formal, anyone?) were exactly as I remembered them. 

Overall, I would really hesitate recommending this to anyone. Even if you are a Saved by the Bell fan and Lifetime movie watcher, it's a really hard sell. You won't be missing out if you miss this.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Sunday Night Wrapup

Hello everyone! This week has been super busy for me, so I am really pumped for the Labor Day holiday!

Reading: I just finished Me Before You. I don't remember where exactly I heard about this book first, but it's been all over magazines and blogs as a must-read. A young woman, fired from her job at a coffeeshop, begins to look after a paralyzed man. All seems to point towards romance and a search for meaning in this crazy life...unfortunately, this book is not that at all. SPOILERS AHEAD: Basically, the man has decided to kill himself in 6 months, and the woman goes out of her way to try to prevent him. Days before his 6 month deadline, she confesses her love. The man is basically like, "That's really sweet of you, but I'm still going to kill myself as life is not worth living without control". He had a loving family, financial success, and then a loving caretaker (if not partner), but control was what he needed. Yes, because "life" is known for control! The novel could have gone so many other ways, so I was really disappointed.

Watching: Amazon Original Pilots. Last year's crop was pretty terrible to me, but I'm hoping for a new favorite. So far, I don't really see how The Cosmopolitans spins into a long series...and Really is much more about parenthood than the description implies. I couldn't even get through Red Oaks, and now am watching Hysteria's Episode 1

Playing: Wii Sports. Just pulled this out a week or so ago to play with friends and it is so FUN! I can't believe I forgot how awesome it was for so long. Downside: my arms are super sore today...

What are you obsessing over this week?

Saturday, August 30, 2014

10 tips for packing for college (Part 3)

To see the previous step in packing for college, click here!

8. Foldable chair/seating: When you have a tiny bedroom, it can be hard to justify any extra furniture. Having a folding chair in my room made ALL the difference. Your friends don't need to sit on the floor, and you can fold it up when you need to pack it!

9. Sunscreen/Sunglasses/Cap: Outdoor events are much more fun when you aren't squinting and sunburned. It may seem really dorky to pack it, but it'll come in handy! (Plus, even if you only need it once badly, you won't be rebuying a $20 baseball cap).

10. Don't bring your TV. I know it can seem super long when you first start, but it goes so fast! (People aren't just exaggerating when they say it seems like only a few months...). So, for one, don't bring it because there will be a ton of things to keep you from being bored. Second, it takes up a ton of space in your room...just get a larger desktop screen (available for $150-200) that can be used for both work and TV watching.

What are your essentials? What tips would you give for packing for college?

Friday, August 29, 2014

OOTD: Pairing Necklaces

This blue dress has been one of my absolute favorites for the past few years. It's relatively plain, but it makes a great backdrop for necklaces and bangles.

Yesterday, I was choosing between two necklaces: one was a long red pendant necklace given to me as a gift, and the other was a dark metal Prabal Gurung x Target necklace (the crystal double stone necklace). I put both of them on to see which looked better, and actually really liked the combination! Pairing up the necklaces really added some visual interest to this otherwise pretty plain dress!

Have you paired up your necklaces?

Thursday Inspiration: Difference between who you are & who you want to be

From FocusedAction on Instagram

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tip Tuesday: Get Ready Quicker with a Soundtrack

One of my best tips for getting ready quicker each day is a soundtrack. Once you use the same soundtrack for a few days, you will realize any systematic issues with your morning routine and/or when you need to hurry up! It is also much more pleasant than continually looking at your clock/phone for the time.

1. Don't choose your favorite songs, especially for the first song in the soundtrack, as you will start to associate it with waking up. Dancey top 40/indie pop is great for me to start the day, but anything with a fast tempo should be good.

2. Try to associate your routine with parts of songs/song length. For example, you may only want to take 2 songs worth to do your makeup, or 5 songs to check your email. If you get distracted easily and want to force your mind to change gears, you may want to switch up the genre between songs.

3. Reassess after a few days. When I was first in college, I realized it took me a lot longer to do my makeup as my supplies were kept in cosmetics bags. By taking out my essentials and leaving them on my vanity, I was able to get much quicker. By taking a look at your routine, you may find ways to shave off 1-2 minutes off multiple parts. Even though it seems small, those 10-15 extra minutes of sleep add up!

What are your tips for getting ready quicker?

Monday, August 25, 2014

OOTD & Review: Bloomin Brilliant Design

Hello everyone! I've gotten back in the swing of taking photos for outfits of the day and wanted to share some of my new beautiful jewelry from Bloomin' Brilliant Designs! I found her designs through Instagram, followed, and won the necklace! (The earrings weren't even mentioned in the giveaway prize...and I think they are so different from anything I've seen!)

OOTD featuring: Thrifted Skirt, Everlane shirt, Munro flats, Jewelry from Bloomin Brilliant Designs
Miu Necklace from Bloomin' Brilliant Designs
Close up Bloomin' Brilliant Designs Miu Necklace
Bloomin Brilliant Designs Karin Earrings
Bloomin' Brilliant Designs
Overall, I am really impressed by these pieces and highly encourage you to check out her Instagram and Facebook accounts (and of course, purchase some of her jewelry of your own!)