Review: Bath & Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist

What am I holding up in Times Square during the Yoga Mind over Madness Solstice?

My new Bath and Body Works Paris Amour body mist! :)

I received this product free to test through Influenster's VoxBox program, and was excited to try it out. I usually wear philosophy's different scents and had been wanting something new for summer. I literally had been looking through Sephora's catalog, but I hadn't seen anything jumping out. Enter...Influenster! It's a free program that sends out products for selected people to test, depending on their lifestyles. So, if you put down you're a beauty fanatic (cough cough), you may get a Beauty Box! There are other factors and other lifestyles too; it helps if you have a blog or a Youtube channel and sometimes particular characteristics are necessary (like being a mom or eco-conscious). It's free and this box was a real treat!

Anyway, on to the scent! Moment of truth: it was great! Like philosophy's falling in love but lighter for the summer!  It's great because wearing one scent for the entire year (signature or not) can get boring, and I really am a fan of this particular scent. I would describe it as kind of a grapefruit-y smell, but honestly, I would just go to Bath and Body Works and sniff them! Remember not to rub (distorts the scent), just tap between wrists. Make sure you like the scent an hour after putting it on before buying and make sure your SO likes the scent! If he doesn' probably won't end up wearing it. 

As for the pic? The yoga solstice was super difficult (worse than the last few weeks of rock climbing aghhh! so pretty difficult!) but also really fun. It's great to be home for a tiny tiny bit in NY before going back to Philly for the rest of my summer internship.

More scents (including cherry blossom, sweet pea, twilight woods, moonlight path) and product description here:

Suggested Retail: $14.00Available in Bath & Body Works stores and (