What is the Listserve?

The Listserve is this huge email list where 1 person a day is chosen to send whatever out to the entire group (13,000 when I started, now close to 25,000). It's funny, I didn't really expect to like it and to remain subscribed so long! I've been able to learn about a DIY catfood guy...the experience of a failed startup...the classical music suggestions to name a few.

It's a great way to be inspired each day, and to take a look from someone else's perspective. Surprisingly few are self promotional, which I appreciate.

Even if you get tired of reading it for a while, I suggest 'archiving' rather than unsubscribing. A decent number reference other listserve emails that have inspired them (how meta!), so it's cool to be able to go back.

What daily email listserves do you subscribe to? What gives you a dose of inspiration?