One thing that's *not* so great about vacations? Leaving your haircare up to the variance of whatever's in your hotel! Unfortunately the last hotel we stayed in had no conditioner, so my hair was left feeling damaged and super dry, even before I took a 2 hour and then 7 hour flight home!

To the rescue...Clear shampoo and conditioner from my Influenster box! I got the product for free to test in my Summer Beauty Voxbox; you can sign up for a chance to win a box that fits with your lifestyle. And if you are picked, make sure to do the challenges! They're really pretty easy and I've even won an additional set of nail products from Sally Hansen!

Over the past year, I was in love with Aveda's smooth infusion and was spending $$ because I loved how smooth and shiny my hair looked. Paying $20 for *just* 8 ounces of shampoo is a bit ridiculous, so I've been searching for a cheaper alternative. Luckily, I love the Clear shampoo I got and the full size is $4.99 to $5.99 and I can get it anywhere (not just in Aveda salons!) More specific information here!

I'll start with what I *don't* like about this product: the texture of the shampoo feels like pepto-bismol and the conditioner feels like thick lard on my hair. I also don't like the packaging and how hard it is to open it in the shower (at least for the sample container). One last thing-and this may be on the big bottle-is that there are no usage instructions! I'm a sucker for usage instructions..tell me how long you want me to put this conditioner on my hair already! 

For the positive, my hair does feel amazingly soft and strong after only one use and it has really helped to repair my hair after all the damage I did to it on vacation. I'm really happy with the price and how it looks, so the downside is really only the packaging!

Pros: great results, hair feels strong, good value
Cons: packaging and texture
Overall: 4/5