Review: Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color

I was so excited to receive Sally Hansen's Magnetic Nail Color for free in my Summer Voxbox from Influenster! It's a reviewing program, and it's great; if you like reviewing and testing new products, I'd totally recommend it...Sign up for a chance to get a voxbox (depending on your interests) here!

Anyone who's even a bit of a nailpolish fanatic knows last year was the year of the "crackle". As 2012 is shaping up to be magnetic nails, Sally Hansen offers a great alternative to the super pricey brands found in Sephora and Ulta.

Found for $9.99 at drugstores like CVS, it's super easy. First, apply a thin coat of the polish and wait to dry. Then, apply a second and *immediately* after, hold the magnet on the top of the cap carefully for 10 seconds.

I found while doing this that it's really important to use the little guide on the cap to make sure you don't smudge. Also, take the 10 second guideline seriously! I tested a few nails doing longer times and it looked way worse for the time and effort!

I also wanted to mention that the regular ol' non-magnetic color is FANTASTIC and super on trend with the dark nail colors I've been seeing for fall 2012. But, the magnetic design is beautifully eye catching and I love how easy it is to do this on my own! (I was kind of expecting I'd need some help!) And I got so many compliments on friend was trying to steal my bottle hah!

Here's a picture of my nails in the shade Ionic Indigo (it's the denim blue-y gray if you're looking in stores): 

Pros: CHEAP!, unique, good color selections
Cons: little bit of a learning curve compared to plain nail polish
Overall: 5/5