Summer DIY: DASANI DROPS #Flavorfy Grape-tastic Drink!

Hi everyone,
Hope you are having a lovely summer. If it's anything like New York, it's been hovering around 100 degrees for the past week and so hard to keep hydrated. Luckily, Influenster sent me two flavors of Dasani Drops to try out a few weeks ago in Grape and Strawberry Kiwi. I love the Strawberry Kiwi flavor all on its own (as does my family) but I came up with a great tasting summer drink that utilizes the Dasani Drops in Grape!

You will need:
* 1/3 Chilled Green Tea (Make your own or use tea bags)
* 2/3 Sparkling Water or Sodastream
* Dasani Drops in Grape (3 drops per 8 oz serving)

To prep, I gathered all the ingredients and put a few ice cubes in the glass. I used stemless wine glasses as I love how they make drinks look!
Next, I poured in the iced green tea (about 1/3). If you are making this for a large group, I would make it in a large container all at once and keep the proportions above.
Then, I just made some sparkling water in my sodastream, but you could also use store-bought. As a sustainability major, I try to reduce packaging waste as much as I can (using Dasani Drops + the SodaStream!)
Next step, add three squirts of your Dasani Drops Grape Flavor (here it is unmixed...but don't get scared!)
And you're done! My family did a taste test and loved this combination and I hope you do too! Super easy and refreshing!