The Truth About 10-Pan Projects

Being interested in beauty can often be a bit difficult for someone interested in the environment. One of my classmates in Industrial Ecology presented multiple times on mascara and I have begun thinking more about makeup collections. It's a bit crazy some Youtubers have full rooms (outside their bathrooms) devoted to makeup storage!!

One potential solution, also suggested (as far as my knowledge) on Youtube, is a "10-pan" project. This means you must use up 10 beauty products before you buy any more. When I first heard of people getting into this project, I was really impressed as I know how long it takes to make a sizable dent in some of my lipglosses, let alone eyeshadows or blushes. But, after researching, I was surprised how much people cheat on these projects! I would say to truly do a life-changing 10-pan challenge, to not count:
* makeup samples (or if you must, only when it's deluxe or half-size)
* shampoo/conditioners/soap (unless you are addicted and have a ton you know you will never use, I think this is an easy out...most people will use up shampoo/conditioner and repurchase, doesn't really get to heart of the challenge)
* favorite foundation/concealer (if you know you will repurchase, this is more of a no-buy for a period than actually making you use up your stash...)
* only counting 'pan' and not actually finishing products (most eyeshadows can be 1/4 to 1/2 full after hitting pan, throwing them out at the slightest hint of pan is a huge waste!!)

I think no-buy also have potential, but it's important you don't go crazy hauling before OR after you start the time period. Personally, I have been trying to be super conscious of what I have and researching swatches before I purchase anything for the past month and a half and really making a dent in what I have. Are you going to start a 10-pan or no-buy soon? Tell me your tips and tricks.