DIY Fail: Black "Sand" Scrub

I'm a firm believer that showing your failures are just as important as showcasing your successes. I was super pumped to try out SpicyStiletto's black sand scrub. I had all the ingredients (basically coffee grounds, green tea bag, oil and oats) and an empty scrub container, so I went to it. When first combining the ingredients, I realized that oats would likely be a disaster going down my drain so I decided to nix it and instead use some old body lotion in a weird scent I got as a sample.

The actual scrub smells great-coffee masked any weird smells- and looked cool as well. The scrub also did seem to help exfoliate. Why is this a DIY Fail though? Because it will make a HUGE mess all over your tub/shower...unless you like the dirt look :P

In the future, I think adding the green tea to a sugar scrub could work, so that will be one of my next scrub experiments!