Kale Chips!

As soon as I started investigating more vegan options, I kept hearing about kale chips. The next time we were at Whole Foods, my friend and I decided to take a chance on their prepackaged kale chips. This way, we could see what they were "supposed" to be like, and whether they were worth the effort. We unfortunately got a max-"cheezy" flavor and they were gross!

I am happy to be report that I recently tried making my own kale chips and they were a great success (eaten in less than 1 hour type of success!) from this recipe: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/baked-kale-chips/

My own tips-make sure you buy whole kale, rather than the packaged, all cut up and washed type. You still need to wash your greens for sanitary reasons, and it is much more expensive (2x) for 1/2 as much product. Second, make sure all your kale is thoroughly dry beforehand; it may take overnight if you don't want to use a salad spinner. Finally, I used Pam-type cooking spray instead of olive oil and I think it helps not get as soggy!