Nail Polishes I Wouldn't Repurchase

If you like nail polish, it often becomes clear that there's a lot of variation of quality across different prices and within brands themselves. If you're looking for my top picks, make sure to check out my top 10 picks for nail polish here. Now on to the list!

1. Butter London No More Waitie Katie-My first butter london polish (it was a gift) and I was so utterly disappointed with this color. First, it is anything but opaque-it could easily take 5-6 coats to get the kind of light purple glitter look they advertise. I've paired this with a few of my more out-there purple colors to good effect, but this still requires 2 coats of glitter afterwards. This would still be forgivable BUT the nail polish almost immediately started to separate and clump. I've had nail polishes that are easily close to 10 years old (eek...) that work better. I have NYC ($1-2) nail polishes from before high school that are easier to work with! Argh

2. Butter London Black Knight-I love this color over a black or sparkly purple, but again it isn't a one coater, making it a very expensive glitter in my opinion. I only got this very recently (less than a year ago) and it had almost fully separated. I had used it a month ago, so it wasn't for lack of use.

3. Revlon Urban-the nail polish that inspired this post! I love this unique color, and it really caught my eye in their advertising campaign as it is a unique bluish lavender creme. Unfortunately, this is probably the worst nail polish I have used in my entire life. It bubbles, it smudges after 3 hours, it is streaky and clumpy 2 weeks after opening. Other than the color, there is literally NOTHING good to say about this nail polish. 

4/5/6. OCC Nail Polish in Black Dahlia, Swamp Thing, BlackBoard-I was super excited to get these colors from Sephora, but they chipped so easily I returned them! The colors were also much less unique than they seem from hype around the brand-I was able to dupe Blackboard with a $2 Sinful Colors in a dark green creme, as well as the Black Dahlia from a friend's collection. Still, the formula was so lacking on these.

7. Sephora by OPI Safari Luxe Collection-I know these are going out of Sephora soon (to be replaced, I think, by Julep) but in case anyone is picking them up on sale, I thought I would mention these. Gorgeous colors, easy and opaque application, but chipped so easily! I applied a color, applied base/top coat as usual, watched a movie for 2 hours (not moving my hands at all), then walked out the door. As I was at a friend's apartment, my nail polish starting coming off on their couch. I've never experienced anything like that before. 5/6 colors IIRC were like that, I could not even type without polish coming off.

The Revlon Urban purchase has really made me be very careful of researching nail polishes beforehand (with resources like makeupalley, it is easy to get a sense in a few minutes) but it's also important to remember that not everyone is alike. I've seen people rave about OCC nail and Sephora by OPI, and other people hate brands that really work for me. If a product really doesn't work, make sure to check if you can return it.