How to fix your Closet TIPS!

Getting your closet organized can often be intimidating, but it's so important! You can often realize patterns in your buying and wearing habits, and will be less likely to impulse spend.

After cleaning out my closet, I have a few tips:

1. Try on everything. As bodies change so often, what fits and flatters may be different. Keep everything that is within a reasonable range of weight: some magazines suggest 5 lbs in either direction of your current weight, but more may be more reasonable for some lifestyles. You don't want to have buy a new set of clothes with any minor fluctuation in weight. 

2. Are there ways to fix this garment? As cuffed jeans come into style, I am going to take two older pairs of jeans and tailor them myself. I have also had great luck with a local professional tailor-who completely transformed one of my dresses. 

3. What clothes do you have multiples of & do you wear them often? If you do wear the pieces often, is there something in common with that silhouette or item in your wardrobe? (For example, I often wear my drop-waist skirts and have now started to look for them specifically). If you do not wear them often, is it because of your lifestyle or because of fit? Take whatever you have learned into your next shopping session!

4. Which clothes have lasted (or have not!) in your wardrobe? If pieces from a certain brand are all falling apart after only a few wears, it's probably time to slow down the shopping there!

5. Organize everything-in whichever way makes sense for you. Professional organizers will often tell you to organize by color, but I find it's more helpful to organize by use. For example, I group my dresses by the formality of the occasion so that I can easily create outfits.