Money Tips for Post Grads

I'm not proclaiming to be an expert, but here are a few things I've noticed that have cut down spending in my last few years of college and now post-graduation:

*No takeout! With delivery charges, tip, and minimum order requirements, it's easy for 2 meals to cost $30 and up. I was shocked at how big a difference eliminating takeout could make.

*Desktops! Although not really in fashion right now, I love having a desktop for its price and ease in handling multiple tasks. Desktops are often half the price of equivalent laptops, have longer average lives, and often have salvageable parts (monitors, keyboards, webcams, come to mind) for your next computer. For the on-the-go situations, I have a Kindle Fire that is much easier on my back than my previous laptop.

*Examine monthly costs! Whether it's movie services, multiple beauty boxes, or game subscriptions, $10 or $20 a pop can quickly add up. Also, check out your cellphone service and see if you can easily move to a prepaid plan when your contract is up; $30 less dollars a month on your phone is $360 a year!

*Use your library! I'm totally biased as I worked at a library part-time in high school, but this is a great option to check out movies, music, and of course, books.