Must Have Kindle Fire Apps for College Students & Post Grad

When I first got my kindle fire a few years ago, there were only a few basic guides to apps. Now, with the release of the new kindle fire hd x, I thought I'd share some of the favorites I've accumulated:

1. Pocket: my go-to app for saving pages. Whenever I need a dose of inspiration, I look through, save a few stories, and get going. The best thing about Pocket is that it easily allows you to save your place (a life-saver for extremely long reads!).

2. Evernote: life-saver for anyone with a to do list. I used to have a complicated system of post it notes, cellphone memos, and an appointment planner. As it syncs across devices, I can easily add books I want to read, ideas I want to think about, and anything else and not worry about losing the thought.

3. Songza: Really fun app for those times when you have 25-30 minutes but don't want to waste 1/2 of it trying to pick a song. I often have this app open when I cook dinner or am trying to sleep.

4. Pinterest: I know...but it's a great app! So much more user-friendly than the site (which for some reason crashes often on my desktop) and very visually appealing.

5. Overdrive: Free books! This is an easier way to get project gutenberg books (add it as a library) as well as newer books from your library (add it using your library card). It also makes it easy to listen to audiobooks.

To download these apps, simply go to "Apps" and type in the name, then download. What are your favorite apps for kindle fire? I'd love to hear your thoughts!