First 20 Hours

Inspired by Brazen Careerist, I'm going to be learning the new skill of hand-lettering. After attending a 4 hr class at Penn about calligraphy and fonts, I was inspired by the visual beauty of the texts around us. I was also inspired by Alice Lee, a fellow Penn student, who works in graphic design and has come up with beautiful hand lettered designs. 

To do this, I am committing to the Josh Kaufman's 20 hours of focused, deliberate practice. As a goal for this project, I hope to be able to design a drop cap (a large letter starting a book chapter) in Illustrator. To accomplish this: 

1. Researching general drop cap design techniques/guidelines
2. Keep eye out for design inspiration. 
3. Sketch drop cap design on paper
4. Research Illustrator techniques
5. Draw in Illustrator

I hope to update this page at 5 hour segments, wish me luck!