Free Week: Cashback from Reward Programs

Here are some tips for making the most out of your dollar!

1. Sign up for any drugstore or supermarket program, whether you are travelling or only visit a place 1-2x/month. One item was more than 30% more expensive without the rewards card! This can really add up!

2. Stock up on birthday freebies. Heyitsfree has a good list, but the top birthday freebies for me are Sephora and Ulta-usually a free mascara from both! Sweet deal, and you don't have to spend any money to get a card or the freebie!

3. When getting extrabucks back, make sure you are working the angles! By this I mean, stack manufacturer's coupons, cashback, and a sale to get a low price. I got more than 15 Wet n Wild items for $8 during a great sale at Rite Aid (40%, then a cashback, and I had $8 worth of coupons I could use). 

4. Use Bing search, sign up here (note: referral link). It'll take about a month to get a $5 giftcard but hey every bit helps!

5. Use Retailmenot and search for promo codes whenever buying online, as well as signing up for their newsletters. I wanted to buy a specialty leather cleaning product, signed up for the online newsletter, and waited 3 days to get a 15% off offer! I got a Kate Spade business card holder for only $10 by combining a $10 off deal (through a 1st time newsletter signup) with a free shipping code from a specialty website. 

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