Free Week: Music

Next up for free week is music! Let's get straight to the tips:

1. Check out your local radio station. In Philadelphia, WXPN has a free concert at noon every Friday with names as big as Adele, Ellie Goulding, Charlift....the list goes on. While you may not know each band, you might find a local gem (I found a singer-songwriter, Matt Duke) or an act before it hits it big (did I mention Adele already..?!)

2. Sampler albums from Amazon and Itunes can be great for discovering new bands and are almost always free! By going through two major paid sites, you get the convenience and ease of downloading new music!

3. Community events are another great way to hear music on the cheap. Two summers ago in Philadelphia, there was a new singer or band playing in a public area nearly every day.

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