Free Week: How Do I Get Free Samples

Next up in free week is a topic near and dear to my heart: free samples. Now, before we start, the most important thing is to be patient! It can often take up to four months for samples to arrive by mail.

Here are my go to tips for free samples:
1. Freebieshark & Hunt4Freebies are two great, huge freebie sites. As soon as a really great sample is posted, you may only have 1-2 hours to get it. It doesn't really matter what time you check-samples are released at strange times (a Mary Kay full size lipstick was released at 11 pm EST on a Friday!) and often there can be a lot in a row. I usually check freebie sites when I need to take a quick 5 minute break on the computer. 

2. If it's an instore freebie, be aware there may be limited quantity, especially if you live in a populated area. I got an offer for a free American Apparel lipgloss. I lived literally around the corner from a store and ran into a friend for 15 minutes as I was leaving my apartment. In the 15 minutes since the store opened, I got the 6th and penultimate lipgloss! It was crazy. I'm not saying to not bother-but it may only be worth it if it is only a little bit out of your way (if at all).

3. Don't be shy about asking for the sample! When I went to get a free Bareminerals eyeshadow ($14), it was a bit awkward asking for the sample as there were no signs up (I had seen it on Freebieshark if I remember correctly, and it was on the Bareminerals facebook). Remember that this is a marketing tool for them...and most employees will not give you any grief.

4. Be open to random opportunities. Just by walking past and being observant of literal signs around me, I was able to get a free book on ancient Islamic art ($45, Houston museum), a free bralette ($25, Victoria Secret), and free coffee ($2? so many places). Ask people who are standing around with prizewheels, and look at any signs outside businesses!

5. Follow up on your freebie sources. If you know of people who always seem to be getting cool things for free, ASK them how they got them! This is probably the easiest thing to do to get the details on the best local samples and freebies, but I think a lot of people forget to do it! Deals in your community are often available longer than online/mail samples.

Hope this helps! What are your best tips? Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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