Free Week: How Do I Win Giveaways

This week, I'm doing an entire series on free things. How do you get them, how hard is it to get them per time spent, etc: I'm laying it all out there. First up is giveaways:

1. Enter everything, but especially the smaller blogs and websites. Sure, it's possible you can win $1000 worth of makeup from a Youtuber or blogger, but I've won jeans, a movie/soundtrack set, and a skincare set from entering smaller contests with fewer entries. 

2. The more complicated the rules, the better! If there's a ton of rules, just think that you are increasing your own personal chances of winning. Most people will just fill in the entry form and be on their day. If it involves pinning, tweeting, or taking a photo, definitely enter!

3. Follow your interests to find more contests to enter. If you love hockey, look into hockey mom/dad blogs, and fan contests rather than every general travel package. 

4. Get a dedicated email/Facebook/Twitter account (if possible) for contests. Rather than bombard your friends with giveaway promotions, consider creating separate accounts. Alternatively, be selective in how you enter contests; for example, you can tweet directly at a company as long as the @ sign is the first character in your tweet.

Direct reply (only Marc Jacobs gets this): @MarcJacobs #ContestHashtag I want to win!
Reply (Everyone on your TL gets this): .@MarcJacobs #ContestHashtag

5. Be patient! Even if you enter 10 minutes of contests a day, you may not win or see prizes for 2-4 months. If you still don't have any luck, try looking for smaller contests to enter and looking for more instant win giveaways. In the past few weeks, I've gotten free haircolor, music downloads, and dog snacks from large, instant wins. 

Hope that helps!

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