Free Week: Roundups of Favorite Apps and Newsletters

To end free week, I thought it'd be fun to share some of the best newsletters that I'm subscribed to:

1. Listserve: Sometimes silly (random poems or recipes), sometimes thought-provoking (thoughts on kidney donation came up recently), 1 person who is subscribed to the listserv is able to write an email to the thousands subscribed.

2. Futility Closet: 2-3 can't believe it's true stories. While not every day is stellar, most of the facts are little known compared to other subscription services.

3. Now you Know: This is 1 longer story about an event or an idea...easy to read but can sometimes be on topics that are pretty well known.

4. The Swizzle: This collects all my sale/promotional emails into one handy digest. Instead of opening 40 emails to realize only 1 has any information of interest, I can quickly go through the one email. Highly recommended

5. The Skimm/bit of news: Two news subscriptions..The Skimm is kind of like an older sister describing the news; personally, it goes a bit over the top trying to be casual (tying in typhoons with papercuts wouldn't be surprising, for example) but is easy to read and has potential. Bit of news is 1-2 sentences of each of yesterday's top news stories. Clinical but effective.

What are your favorites?

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