Halfway through Project Pan! Thoughts + Products I've Used Up

So, it's been a few months since I started project pan...already reaching some conclusions:

1. Even after you've hit pan, there's a ways to go before you're done with a product. I have a Mally concealer that looked almost done; then, I scraped it out from around the edges and have been using the "leftovers" for almost a month and still not done! Same thing with my Urban Decay primer-I could have sworn it was so close to being done Sept 1, but I only now done after using it everyday with a $1 tube squeezer!

2. The amount of product in each item differs SO much. I have an eye brightener (inner eye highlight) that I've only used about 10 times that is almost finished, while I've used one pencil for ages and ages longer. Similarly, I gave a friend an extra Mally eyeliner that only had about 1/4 the normal found in Urban Decay, NARS, etc!

3. Lip products are hard to use up! Since they go bad faster than powder, I am definitely long-term halting lip hauls! I have been looking into mixing custom lipsticks and shades, which I think is a saner solution than buying all the colors!

Products I've used up:
-Lauren Hutton Brown Liquid Eyeliner: got this as a gift a few years ago and was determined to use it up before it dried up, but honestly terrible product. Every time I use it, I have to really work to get any product out and then some brown transfers to my upper eyelid. 0/5
-Mally Black Eyeliner (x2): Completely fine and long-lasting but not worth it unless in a kit. Will not repurchase, 2/5
-Urban Decay Primer Potion: Love it! The trick is to figure out the right amount of product for your eyelids-at first, I used way too much and then overcorrected to barely using any. The amount you use will depend on how oily your eyelids are, but it should be enough to lightly cover your eyelids without too much pulling and without a long dry time (5-10 secs) 5/5
-Fresh sugar balms (Minix3): I used up three minis (about equivalent to one full) and was not impressed. The stick melts, the rose color is unflattering with my cool undertones, and I don't like the texture. (Also really pricey! But I got them free, so I can't count that against them) 0/5