December 2013 Makeup Favorites

After a week of travelling and Thanksgiving, I've really come to appreciate some different parts of my stash:

1. Wet n Wild 's Ebony Hates Chris: A great $2 black nailpolish. Although it looks great for a goth look, it is wonderful for layering (as I did with Sally Hansen's Make to come!) under glitter shades. 

2. Tarte BB Primer: If you have any redness or unevenness in your skin, this is amazing stuff. I got so many compliments on my skin in Philadelphia all due to this.

3. Mally Undereye Brightener (yellow): I used to love this, but stopped during the summer as it usually didn't sit correctly. In the winter/drier months, it's a great way to look fresh.

4. Fyrinnae Mephisto: Indie makeup! This is a beautiful purply/blue/gold that is insane over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy. Caution: they have since slightly reformulated, so your color will not be exactly the same as in years past.

5. MAC Fluidline Violet: Another re-discovered fave. With a $3 bent eyeliner brush, this is fantastic. Although it can seem pricey, it lasts much longer than pencils and has similar price per ounce with some drugstore brands. The violet is a deep eggplant shade rather than a bright purple. 

Other favorites for the month include: 
-DailyLit: I've read through short stories by Alice Munro and am now reading the Prince! If you are obsessed with Inbox Zero, this is a great way to read classics. 

-About Time Soundtrack: I got this from a Glitter Guide giveaway and it has some great singles. Standouts are Back to Black, Gold in Them Hills, and Push the Button. 

What are your favorites?