How to Revitalize Old Clothing

With the start of the new year, it seems like everything is telling us: NEW! Instead of buying into the hype, I'm going to be showing a quick way to revamp some of your old clothing. 

You'll need a fabric shaver-you can buy one on amazon for less than $10 (non-affiliate) but ask your friends and relatives first. They may have one you can borrow. 

First, make sure your fabric is cleaned and your fabric shaver's compartment is empty. Pull your fabric taut, and plan out your system (top to bottom, left to right) for shaving so you can keep track. Next, slowly and carefully glide your shaver across. Don't go too quickly or else it won't work. 

Pay special attention to the most used areas of your garment; for a blazer, for example, pay extra attention to underarm areas and near the collar.

Before: Fabric is pilled and looks old

After: 10 minutes of work = Fabric looks new again!

This works on all types of fabrics-I've had success trying it on fabric Coach bags, blazers, and sweaters. For such a small time and $ investment, you get a huge impact!

Hope this helps! What garments do you plan on revitalizing?