Notoriously Morbid Review

After a few days of testing, I am happy to share my latest indie haul of Notoriously Morbid! I ordered during her flash sale of 60% off on Cyber Monday, December 2. My order shipped at the 10 day TAT, exactly as her Etsy said, on December 16.

I ordered four minis of Boe, Tempest, British Blondes, and Witch With a Wand that came in small jars without sifters. I also received free samples of Melancholy One and Welcome to Vinnland in baggies. The samples were super generous, so I shook them into old pinboxes!

Photos taken first with daylight, then flash. First swatch = alone, Second swatch = ELF primer, Third swatch = ELF + Pixie Epoxy

Boe is described as a "metallic copper brown with golden sparkles". This is a great color between brown and red-y rust. Very unique and I have already used it a couple of times.

Tempest is a "peach metallic packed with gold sparkles". I had heard this described as similar to NARS' most famous blush but in eyeshadow form. On my pale skin and compared to other swatches I have seen, it shows up as more peachy orange than pink. On me, I will probably use it as a highlight on the center or inner corner of my lid, as it's a bit dramatic as a wash.

British Blondes is a "light yellow with silver and gold sparkles with a metallic finish". I was super excited about this color as well, as I thought it would be like Urban Decay's Maui Wowie without all the fallout. On my skintone, it pulls more of a true gold than a light yellow with sparkles.

With with a Wand is described as a "neutral light brown with a bit of pink and a surprising sheen". This color for me is a pretty shimmer wash of light pastel pink, with no brown. This color is one of the most pigmented and it looks absolutely amazing with green eyes.

Melancholy One is a "soft golden beige in the jar, [that] when applied changes to a light blue with an orange duochrome". This was a super shock to me when I applied it! I had been expecting the gorgeous silvery/white/gray color, but WHAM! My eyelids were blue! Just know that this is a color-changer!

Welcome to Vinnland is a "semi matte dark green that borders on going black, packed with light green sparkles". This is a great description, and it's a standout shade. I was really happy to have gotten this as a sample, as I wouldn't have looked for this on my own. I will most likely be ordering a full size when I run out!

For all of these eyeshadows, I would say your best bet is to NOT use any kind of tacky base (Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy or Darling Girl Glitter Glue), as the colors seem to look better without it. Overall, I think the eyeshadows have good pigmentation and lasted well, but that some of the descriptions and colors were a bit off. I would definitely order a few minis to test on your skintone before getting a full jar, but otherwise, I fully recommend it.

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