Review: Influenster's Violet VoxBox

Before I launched into Review, I want to explain a bit about how I got these products. If you like beauty subscription boxes, you'll love Influenster. In exchange for sharing your thoughts about the products (good or bad!), you get to try the latest and greatest products for FREE.

I was so happy to get my #VioletVoxBox only a few days ago in a bright purple box. Inside, I had gotten Sally Hansen's Triple Shine Nail Color in Make Waves, Goody Athletique, Goody's Quickstyle Paddle Brush and Soy Joy in Strawberry.

First up, the Goody Quikstyle Paddle Brush. In case you haven't seen these in store or advertised, this brush has mini towel-like fibers attached to the entire brush. It's supposed to help your hair dry about 30% quicker. Well, my (formerly) long (still) thick hair takes extremely long to dry, but I still hadn't tried the Quikstyle out of skepticism. Wow. I was so wrong! It actually does dry your hair quicker...I noticed a real difference by just combing a bit after a shower.

Sally Hansen's Make Waves is a gorgeous blue and green duochrome. When I first got this, I had to try it over a matte black and it was as amazing as I had hoped! This polish also works well on its own, opaque in about three thin coats. Sally Hansen has improved their brush and their formula, and I will definitely be purchasing more from the Triple Shine range!

The Goody Athletique is a sports headband with an adjustable strap. It's extremely soft and held my hair in place during an entire hour of Just Dance 2014 (is there a better endorsement)? I got one in black but I would recommend one of the brighter colors to match athletic gear and stand out from dark-colored hair.

Finally, the Soyjoy in Strawberry. As I am allergic to dairy, I can't actually eat this but I gave it to my mom. Her review: "Ehhhhh". Not so much. We both prefer Luna bars to Soyjoy, but it was still nice to try.

Are you an Influenster? Are you trying any new products lately?