State of the Indie: What I tried before December 2013

I'm trying NOT to think about all the Black Friday indie hauls coming my way, so I thought I would share my current indie stash.

First up, Fyrinnae ordering experience, from Summer of 2012: Although they often had store closings, the site is highly recommended in indie communities. Despite a long TAT (basically when they will ship your makeup), I got my products within about a week and a half. Eyeshadow portions are generous for mini's and even samples are in jars. I used to recommend this company up and down to anyone looking to try indies out, but I no longer do. The site is closed more often than it is up, so I am looking for other great indie companies to support.

-Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy: this is a sticky base for glitters and Fyrinnae's loose pigments. The tricky part with this product is application-this is no slap a primer on and go. I usually rub the applicator on the tip of my finger twice, then spread it between the finger on my opposite hand to get a very small, thin amount. If you can 'feel' the product on your eyes, you've put way too much is the best tip I can give. It makes certain eyeshadows like Mephisto or Urban Decay's Black Palette glow, but I don't see much improvement with fallout with this.

-Fyrinnae Mephisto: Gorgeous purple and copper shade that has unfortunately been reformulated. Super dramatic, but super awesome in the appropriate situation.

Left: Fyrinnae Freya, Right: Fyrinnae Mephisto
1st row: No primer (pigment as is)
2nd row: ELF primer only
3rd row: ELF primer + Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy

-Fyrinnae Freya (free sample): Greyish purple. I've worn this as a crease shade and it looked fine, but overall not a must have. On other swatches, it is a more vibrant purple. 

-Fanciful Fox Handmade Soaperie's Peanut Butter Lip Balm: I got this in a VeganCuts box, and wow, this stuff smells like peanut butter! It isn't the *most* moisturizing product for your lips, but it's a fun novelty makeup item for a vegan in your life. This is clear so I didn't take a picture of it!

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