The End of Project Pan!

I just finished up my project pan and here are my last five items:

Products I've used up:
-Mally Lightwand Eye Brightener (1/5): Small amount of an average product, would not repurchase
-Urban Decay Suspect: I love this color so much! It's a shimmery champagne that really highlights green eyes. I've had no problems with staying power and often will be the only color left on my eye after a long day.
-Brow Gel (Clear Mascara, Great Lash) (2/5): Not terrible, but not great.
-Bobbi Brown Highlighter Pen (1/5): I was gifted this and unfortunately it's one of the worst makeup products I've had to use, even among its click-up pen family. The pink shimmer goes from "unnoticeable" to "wow you have pink glitter on your face" extremely quickly.
-NYC Pink Nail Polish (5/5): Okay, so technically this is a nail polish but I was on a no-buy for nails as well! (Okay, except for Revlon Urban in July..I'm not perfect!) This is discontinued in its current shade but a major shoutout for the NYC brand; for $1 it has a better formula than Butter London, OPI, etc.

Overall, I think the project is great for shifting the mindset from "more, more, more" of makeup to appreciating what you have and getting use out of every item. I also realized how important it is to use up the older items in your collection before the newest and shiniest. If I receive a lot of samples, gifts with purchases, or free items, I put the newest items and put them in a bag. When I feel a hankering for Sephora, I can look through my "brand new" stash and enjoy it fully.

Budget-wise, I think to make this project more manageable, I would unsubscribe from cosmetic companies. No matter what, there is *always* a deal. The great thing about doing a no-buy is that, from the sidelines, all the marketing tactics are more obvious. You also know better about when to jump on a sale with a minibag of deluxe samples or a great (50%+) discount on items you already are interested in.

Have you tried a low or no buy? How did it go?