Beauty Wishlist (Tip Tuesday)

Once you start reading a few makeup blogs or forums, it's easy to get caught up in the latest trends. The first time I saw Lip Butters in person, I had to get one; the first time I saw the Revlon Balm Stains, it was only a decision of what color. One of the biggest money-saving tips I can give is having an active list of items you want, so you only buy the items you really have your heart set on. Here's my best tips:

1. If something really catches my eye, I put it in an Evernote on my phone or tablet. This can be anything from seeing a cool face of the day with it, a magazine ad, or just seeing swatches on a blog I love. Unless it's limited edition, don't buy it yet!

2. Edit the list every 1-2 months for 1) wearability and 2) dupes. I go through the list and realistically put aside anything that I won't wear. Although I love bright purple lipsticks (on other people), I rarely have worn them enough for the amount of times I write them on lists & think about buying them. That said, if it's "unwearable" but you know you don't have anything like that, it may be worth it to keep it on your list.

My personal makeup and nail polish list! What, you didn't think I'd show you?
3. If you have 4-5 colors from the same formula on your list, think about the formula first! I was considering Sephora's lip tar kits until I realized that the whole application process is unappealing to me whether it is in a 1 set or 5 set! If you do love a formula and want a lot of shades, try waiting for Holiday kits. 

4. Think about your budget! The cool thing about having everything in one list (eyeshadows, lipsticks, concealers, mascara) is that you can really compare costs. I might have 10 Shiro eyeshadows (+ shipping) on my list for the same price as 1 mid-to-high end mascara. It's easy to compare only drugstore to high end (I saved $19 by buying Covergirl instead of Lancome!), but it's a trap!

5. If you're really in love with a certain item, really research the sales/coupons. I'll do another post on this for next Tip Tuesday!

Last but not least, if you are really craving an item (and about to pull the trigger...), try cleaning out your stash. That's usually a great way to clear that whole "I want" up!