NOTD and...two fail nails

Just wanted to share some quick nail looks (and fails) I've had in the past few weeks!

Orly Shine and Hard Candy's Black Tie Optional for New Year's. LOVE this combination, the matte glitter over the metallic silver looks really fun for special occasions.

And in the interest of honesty, here are two failed manicures I had this week. The first is Butter London's No More Waity, Katie layered over Sally Hansen's XtremeWear in Virtual Violet. While I love the looks of combo (it makes the Katie color show up!), it almost immediately chipped. This photo was taken only a few hours after I had done them (with full topcoat, I might add)...and I had barely even typed (let alone open anything)!

The other fail was Maybelline's Color Show in Styled Out. After getting this in a promotional bag, I had used this color a few times, but had never worn it long as it dries to a really strange matte finish. I decided to use two coats of my Beauty Secret topcoat, and it did look much better. Unfortunately, these blue sparkly nails are frankly pretty awful. Even if you love bold blues, this just doesn't work.