Review: Chequered Lily

After a suggestion on Reddit, I checked out the blogger pack from The Chequered Lily! I ordered it on December 27. My order shipped on January 2. For all the photos, you can click to make them much bigger!

I purchased Crackberry, Grimoire, Haute Cocoa, Stormbreak, Beholden, Pulsar, and Oakmoss. I also received a free sample of Vanilla Lace.

Chequered Lily Swatches
Chequered Lily Swatches 
Photos taken above with flash, below is daylight. Top of swatch = Urban Decay primer, middle = nothing, and bottom = Urban Decay primer + Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy

Chequered Lily Swatch

Pulsar is described as "golden light and a pink halo lingering underneath the surface". Hard to even see this one; although it's pretty, both my photographer and I missed it the first time doing photos. Very sheer on my pale skin.

Vanilla Lace is described as a "creamy shimmering ivory with bronze glitter". Similar to Pulsar but without the pink reflects. Hard to see.

Stormbreak "Dark Grey with red and pink highlights and silver reflect". Pretty color and probably the strongest pigmentation of the batch.
Chequered Lily Pulsar Vanilla Lace
Hard to see that there are THREE swatches: Pulsar, Vanilla Lace, and Stormbreak
Crackberry is described as "Deep blue-purple with intense blue reflect and turquoise glitter". Very hard to show up without a primer (this was passing my brush over it three times!) but there is some pretty blue glitter when you use Pixie Epoxy.

Haute Cocoa is described as "Medium Cocoa Brown with intense gold, bronze, and chocolate glitter". Sparkly chocolate brown that stained a bit.

Oakmoss is described as "Cool toned brown with golden-green metallic sheen". Another shade that really performs better with a primer; there are some golden flecks but this reads as a dark green only on my eyes.

Grimoire is described as "Smoky Plum with pink undertone and copper shimmer". Pretty color and reminiscent of other fan favorites like Laura Mercier's African Violet...unfortunately, not very pigmented without a base.

Beholden is described as "Lustrous peach-beige with copper and gold shimmer". GORGEOUS color. This was the first I tried and it made me so excited to try the rest of the shades! I ended up lending the sample to a friend when taking my swatches, but it's really pretty and strongly pigmented.

Chequered Lily Haul
Chequered Lily Haul
Favorites: Beholden (it's camera shy only because I lent it to a friend! Lovely color)

The ordering and shipment process went well, but I'd like to emphasize some of the aspects written on the Etsy Store. First, "The use of a primer or base will enhance the brightness, opacity, and wear of any shadow and is highly recommended, especially for shadows that are very sparkly or contain a high percentage of glitter. " and "Samples contain 2-3 uses". Although a lot of brands may say similar statements (but end up being pigmented without a primer or having much more uses), I found both of these statements to be very true. For all these shadows, you need a base of some kind and samples are on the smaller side for the indie world. All in all, I appreciate the honesty of the storefront.

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