Save Money on Drugstore AND Sephora Makeup! (Tip Tuesday)

As promised, here are some of my best tips for getting the most out of your makeup budget: 

If it's in the drugstore, try for the triple crown of a % off, cash back, and a manufacturer coupon. Even though Wet n Wild is already pretty cheap, I held onto some coupons and waited for the 40% off sale with cashback at $8 for a while. When I was picking out items, though, it wasn't like I was just throwing everything in my bin: I already had my list picked out from months ago. Try really really hard to make sure you are at least doing better than a BOGO50% off and check Nouveaucheap's roundup of the sales for all the drugstores so you know when to pounce for your carefully selected items! 

If it's from Sephora or Ulta, wait until you see a good promotional offer. This could be anything from a mini of a lipstick you're really interested in, a double point promotion when you love the 100 pt perks, or a bag of 10+ deluxe samples. Set a rule for when you are "allowed" to purchase things; I waited over 4 months for a bag of samples I was interested to come in.

If it's from a brand, remember there will always be sales! I probably am subscribed to way too many retailers but it becomes almost comical reading 6-7 newsletters a day ABOUT THE SALE THAT WILL END ALL SALES OF SALES OF SALES. I use DailySwizzle to get all the promotional updates in one email; if I've spent my amount, I don't open them at all. Again, after 6 months-a year, you'll get a feel for good sales. Even NARS has promotions-I saw one where you a mini eye primer, a mini blush, and a mini lotion as a gift with purchase recently! 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate...I'll do my best to answer in the comments!