SoxxyAir: Support a Cause, Support Your Legs

For today's post, I will be talking about a brand new product! For full disclosure, I will be receiving a press sample (sponsored). One of the reasons I have decided to partner with SoxxyAir is because of the unique social message of the company:

When you think of compression socks, you may not be thinking "cute". And so, SoxxyAir was born after Sarah Stabile was recovering was knee surgery and was disappointed in the utilitarian options. The SoxxyAir socks come in cute color combinations (white/pink or purple, anyone?) and have cute designs!

The socks also give back to the community, and the design you choose indicates your charity donation. You can choose from charities as diverse as cancer research (the Kristen Ann Carr Fund sox) to veterans (Bob Woodruff Foundation) to hunger (WhyHunger). For each sox, $8 will be donated to a charity. 

While compression socks can help reduce DVT (deep vein thrombosis) and muscle soreness, they can also help with jet lag and poor circulation. 

More Info in Video Here!

Where to Buy: Indiegogo
Available: End of April
Discount: 20% Off w/Code: SoxxyAirs