Review: Boots Botanics Ionic Clay Mask #powerofplants (free from Influenster)

The Boots Botanics Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask is a really unique product. I've tried a few clay masks before, and they always felt HEAVY and drying. The Boots Botanics Clay Mask, though, is very liquidy. (I'm warning you just so you don't have a small mess of clay all over your I did when I excitedly poured some out!)

Directions: According to the tube, smooth a layer of mask over the face and neck avoiding eyes. Leave on for 10 minutes, wash with warm water.

My recommendations for the most rejuvenating experience: I have super sensitive skin, so I recommend to do a patch test of anything before you put it over your face in case of allergies. Wait 24 hours and if you're all clear, continue!

Get together some clean socks, a towel (wet one end of it), and your book (or Kindle). Carefully squeeze the tube directly onto your feet, spreading the product quickly in a thin layer. Do the same to other foot, and clean your hands off with the wet end of the towel.

Wait 10 minutes, reading your favorite book, and then rub clean! I like to immediately put on socks as clay masks usually make my feet relatively cold.

Review: Luckily, this product really works! For a such a small price, it does give your face a clearer, brighter look! But...there is another use I think that the Ionic Clay Mask is even better for!
Nope, I'm not molding (as far as I know). This is what the mask looks like it as dries...
It's absolutely amazing as a mask for your feet. I normally use the Lush Volcano Foot Mask, but at $14 a 3.5 oz tub, it's an occasional treat. The good news is I like this product even better and it's only $9 for nearly the same amount! The Boots Botanics Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask has a much lighter scent and works in half the time.

Quick Take: 5/5, great value as you can use it for your face AND your feet to get cleaner, smoother skin. I will definitely be repurchasing and would recommend it.

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