Skin Care Routine: Get Rid of Acne

I thought it would be helpful to share my skin care routine with you. If there's one thing that can make a big difference in your makeup and look, it's the skin underneath. I would also say to take advantage of samples and sampler kits. I was able to get a really good deal on the Peter Thomas Roth products (under $50 for a set of six, when normally each product is around $30 or so), so I would try to look out for deals like that if you find products you love.

First thing, if you have tiny red bumps under your skin that don't seem to go away, consider diet. I had really bad skin during highschool and part of college until I realized how much of a difference it could make. I cut out dairy for 2 weeks, saw absolutely no difference, and then ate a stack of French Toast. Within 30 minutes, my skin had turned bright red and the red bumps were back. It's super important to be diligent cutting out dairy-this means 95% of packaged foods, cream in coffee, butter on a bagel, cookies, cakes, and most restaurant food. It's annoying to cut out an entire food group, but I'd definitely recommend trying it if nothing else seems to work.

I clean my skin with a large quarter-sized amount of Cetaphil. I try to separate my face into sections, and gently rub the product in for 1-2 minutes. Make sure you are not scrubbing away as this can damage your's better to cleanse slower and more gently! I've tried a few of the big name cleansers (Purity, etc) and Cetaphil seems to do to the best for my skin. You can get two huge jugs of Cetaphil at Costco in the first few aisles on sale.

Every other day, I take a Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Wrinkle pad, cut in half. (I usually cut up the entire bottle, sanitizing the scissor with rubbing alcohol, in order to make them last longer). This is more than enough for my entire face. If I do it for more than 3 minutes every other day, my face becomes really tight. 

I then wash my face, and apply the Peter Thomas Roth Laser Free Regenerator Mouisturizing Gel-Cream. This stuff is awful in that it works amazingly, but you need a decent amount of it to show results. It's expensive, and you only get a tiny amount of the gel-cream in the jar, but it is the best cream I've found. I put on a ton of it before a flight, and my skin looked more hydrated than it had for months prior. 

The days I don't use the Anti-Wrinkle pads, I use the Peter Thomas Retinol solution. I use a clean finger for each section of my face, and spread it carefully. A little goes a long way.

Some other tips: Change and flip your pillowcases so you have a new side every night. Change your facecloths and clean your makeup brushes daily! Also, if you have acne around your forehead, change shampoos and see if it makes a difference. I've also noticed that chin acne is often from cellphones (clean your screens off!) and from some certain types of toothpaste.

I hope this helps!