Tip Tuesday: How To Resist Makeup Sales

Yesterday, I saw an offer for a mini version of Guerlain's famous Meteorites from Sephora with a $25 online purchase. My first thought was how quick can I order?!

Realistically though, I had never wanted the full-size (at $60 or even $25, I don't need them!), so it was silly that I was even seriously considering this. If you too are tempted by sales, minis, samples, etc, I have a great tip today that will completely change EVERYTHING:

When you can't afford or don't want something, unsubscribe from every single shopping website. (Or use www.theswizzle.com to put them all in one email you can quickly delete). If you don't know about these deals, how are you going to miss them?! 

How do you stop yourself from a "crazy good deal"? Let me know your tips and tricks in the comments!