101 in 1001

With my birthday rapidly approaching, I have been thinking a lot about "101 in 1001" lists.

On the surface, creating a long list of goals to complete in 3 years seems to be a perfect balance between bucket list and to do list. For me, though, I am following my own version of James Clear's annual Integrity Report. Whichever way you decide to do it, here are some tips:

* Align your values and goals = Would completing this list make you a better person in your own estimation? Will it fundamentally change you from the person you are now?

* Be open = Many of the great opportunities have come from items not on my bucket list! By putting myself in cool positions (like a student leader in the event planning club at my college), I was able to experience awesome things! Surrounding yourself with people who are interesting is also very important!

I also really recommend keeping a personal daily journal, if only to write 1-2 lines about the most important moment of the day. My only regret from college is not writing more down about what happened & my thoughts at the time! I recommend the www.ohlife.com service which sends you an email about how your day went. It's probably not the most secure service if you have deep secrets, but it's a great reminder for the email-obsessed to reflect on the day!