$2 Wallet Re-do

Coach DIY before
Coach Wallet Before..pen-stained and beat!

Coach Leather Wallet Rescue!

"Penelope Slim Envelope Wallet" Redo!

Originally: $248, thrifted for $2!

Supplies Needed: Fieblings Dye Prep
Fieblings Leather Dye (black or color of choice)
Blue Painter's Tape
Coach Wallet After
Coach Wallet After Leather Dying!

From pen-stained and beat up...to brand new!

For less than $15, completely change the look of your bag or wallet!

Keep scrolling for information on how to do this too!

Leather Dying Materials
Leather Dying Materials!

First, you need to gather up your materials. I purchased mine from Manhattan Wardrope Supply (online here, non-affiliated, they also have great sales so sign up for their mailing list) and get on clothes that you won't mind ruining!

I also recommend working outside on top of a shoebox or grass as it will make cleanup much easier! Just check the weather forecast before heading outside...you will need 2-3 hours for drying.
 Now, tape off any sections you don't want to be covered in leather dye. Use 2-3 inch strips and make sure to use your fingernail to carefully cover the edges. For wallets, it's especially important to be aware of the areas around the folds and the areas inside any extra pockets. Even if you are super excited to get going, take a few extra moments to make sure it's taped well. This will make a huge difference in your final product!
Now, quickly coat the outside with the clear Leather Dye prep, trying to make one thin coat. For older, drier bags, you may not see a difference. For this bag, I had previously cleaned it (optional) with saddle soap, so there was a bit of bubbling. Wait 1 minute, and remove any excess before immediately adding dye.

Lightly dab the cotton-ball applicator (included with the black dye) into the dye and spread quickly. You only need a little bit, so make sure to keep spreading in circular motions! Don't worry if your bag looks streaky or grayish after 1 coat (this is what my bag looked like after one), it will even out with more coats. Wait 10-15 minutes or until dry to the touch before adding more coats. For this wallet, I ended up doing three full coats. 

During each drying session, make sure to lightly wipe any brass hardware. Although it will come off later, it's much easier to clean while it is slightly wet. Before your last coat, try to enlist the help of a friend who can help you spot any stubborn areas. This will save you a lot of re-taping if you see a section you want to re-dye!

After it's fully dry, take a dry cloth to remove any excess dye. Make sure to really push the cloth into the leather to make sure it won't come off. 

Ta-da!  All finished! I really love how great this came out! For just a little bit of money and some elbow grease, I was able to have a beautiful Black Coach Leather Wallet! 

What handbag or bag will you re-do and revamp? Let me know in the comments!