Are Aerosol Cans bad?

After reading a lot of Earth Day posts about earth-friendly beauty products, I thought I'd talk about the complete opposite: aerosol cans.

Aerosol cans typically are full of VOC's: volatile organic compounds which harm the ozone layer. After you use your hairspray or dry shampoo, the sun's rays forces the VOCs to break apart particles of the atmosphere. That, to say the least, is not a good thing. 

Additionally, aerosol cans are a huge drain of resources for a small amount of product: they are typically much more expensive than substitutes I'm a huge fan of empties videos, and it's easy to see how often aerosol cans need to be replaced. As the amount of packaging, transportation, and other lifecycle stages is increased, the environmental footprint is increased as well. 

To reduce your environmental impact:

1. Switch to powders or other non-aerosol products for dry shampoo and sunscreen. You'll also save a ton of money - I went through two cans of dry shampoo in a few months whereas I have used one bottle of Lush for YEARS! For dry shampoo, you can use a towel or other cloth on your shoulders to prevent clothes from being messed.

2. Reduce your usage to special occasions or half usage: It's not practical to just proclaim: Don't use hairspray ever! But..can you reduce your impact to special occasion days? Even cutting your impact by 50% would be helpful. 

What do you think about aerosol can beauty products? Do environmental concerns sway your purchasing?