"Bing it" for an extra $5-10/month (Quick Guide to Bing Rewards)

Today's post will not be about offering you lifetime happiness. It won't be enough for you to buy a new car. Still, just by changing your laptop and phone's search engine one time, you could make a little extra money on the side!

1. Sign up for Bing Rewards as a referral/non-referral!

2. Complete the Welcome to Rewards Tour and select a goal here.

3. Switch your computer and phone's browser to Bing. In Chrome, you need to go to the top right (three horizontal lines) > Settings > Search > "Bing". If you have another browser, check out the instructions here.
4. Continue searching as normal and you'll accumulate points every day. You really don't need to do anything else! (Bing is relatively good for most searches, although I still use Google for Maps and reverse image searching.) 

5. If you want to go faster and earn $10/month, every day before 12 pm EST, check your Rewards dashboard here. Make sure you have maxed out your number of searches, and have earned all the "earn and explore points". Use image searches and related searches to search more quickly. NEVER use a Bing Rewards bot as your account will be banned.

6. Redeem your first award! Yay! It may take you some time, but you can quickly get up to Gold Rewards with more points available (either 2 or 3 searches for 1 credit)

I have redeemed multiple times throughout the past year for the $5 Amazon gift card, and have found it much easier and more passive than Swagbucks. 

Do you have any questions? Have you tried Bing Rewards?