Free Music: Tune-Yards, Tycho & More

I am a music hound. I nearly always have music going on and I'm always on the lookout on the latest and greatest. One of the easiest ways to get music is to download free samplers from Amazon, ITunes, and now, Google Play.

Just this week, they have released a large set of songs from San Francisco bands and artists! Get a great song from Tune-Yards, Tycho, even the Dead. Make sure to download ASAP as these samplers seem to mysteriously disappear off Google's site.

You can play your Google Play music on your browser, your Android phone, or on your Android tablet. I highly recommend against trying to import into ITunes, as I lost my entire music library when I tried to import. It's really not worth it to destroy all the time importing physical CDs!

Where do you find free, legal music?