Is HitPredictor a Scam?

Today, I'm here to tell you about HitPredictor, a site that gives you points for listening to tomorrow's hits on the radio. Is it a scam?? Read on...

After trying SlicethePie and listening to about a 1000 average to terrible songs for $10, I am so skeptical of these sites. It just wasn't worth it. Luckily, HitPredictor does actually have real artists and real songs. It might not be Problem by Ariana Grande but it is a real song by Ariana Grande off her latest album. So, listening to the actual music is about as good as any top 40 station. You get a mix of rock, hip-hop, and pop, but it's all at high levels of production.

In terms of the actual site, you only have to click "rate music", enter a Captcha, and start listening. After each song, you give your review. The length of your review doesn't seem to be a major factor; unlike Slicethepie, you won't get harassed for a 5-6 sentence review for 3 cents! Every 10 songs or so, you'll be asked to rate a few popular artists on a scale of 1-100. 

The big way to "win" with HitPredictor is the $5 Amazon giftcard contest for rating 10 songs. The rules are relatively unclear, but I did receive a $5 gift card within only a couple of days. You also earn points on these songs to spend later in the reward shop (more below).

There are also "Hidden Song Contests" with $15 rewards. You have a list of about 10 songs, and you have to write them down if you get them in the course of your random radio selection. After two weeks of a lot of listening, I only found 1 of about 20 songs. Maybe I am unlucky, but it seems like you would really have to work to win those. 

Last, the rewards store is a bit underwhelming for now. There's basically a strange selection of movies and  swag items in limited quantities. Unless you like at least 2-3 of the prizes, I would probably focus on winning the contests rather than the reward store.

Overall, I think HitPredictor is fun if you already like listening to music, and especially new music. If it's more of a chore, I would probably look at other ways to make a few dollars.

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