Is Republic Wireless A Scam?

Is Republic Wireless a Scam?
Is Republic Wireless a Scam? Hmm...

After a terrible experience with Walmart's Straighttalk (dropped calls and poor phone selection), I really looked into my options for prepaid cellphones. One option that kept coming up on forums was Republic Wireless and I had to give it a try.

To start, you pay for your phone ($150-300) and then choose your plan: $0 for wifi only, $10 for cell in US, and then different speeds of full data coverage ($25 for unlimited 3G and $40 for unlimited 4G). You can change your plans twice a month, depending on your needs. If you are looking to reduce your monthly cell phone bill, keep reading!

First, getting the phones and switching them over was incredibly easy. I have set up Tracfones and StraightTalk, and both took a decent amount of time to set up. Within only a few hours, I had my Republic phone on & was waiting for my phone number to transfer!

The reason why the phone's plans are cheaper is that cell calls first go on wireless. I know what you are thinking: dropped calls and mysterious fuzzy noises in the background. Luckily, I haven't had bad luck in the past six or so months. Sound quality is much better on my current Android, and I only really experience drops when in a moving vehicle. Still, I had experienced dropped calls on AT& I think I am just more inclined to blame a low-cost carrier! If you have an important phone call, I suggest staying in one place to remain either fully on wifi or fully on cell.

One great perk is that you get free international calls if you are on wireless. I was able to receive and make multiple, lengthy phone calls for business across Europe. It would have been crazy expensive on a prepaid plan! Other than that, the service is basically the same as any you would get with one of the bigger carriers. You're able to download apps and send and receive text messages anytime.

Overall, I really enjoy this cellphone service for ~$10/month and hope to use it as long as the prices stay reasonable. You can sign up here as a referral (you will earn $20 too!) or as a non-referral.