Le Tote: Monthly Jewelry Subscription

Ooh, shiny. If you are the type who loves checking out the jewelry bins at stores for a cheap thrill, Le Tote might be up your alley.

What you get: For $19, you receive 3 items a tote, picked by a stylist. You can exchange totes for free as many times as you want for a month.

Ordering Process: The website is a bit difficult to use as the clothing subscription is much more prominent on the website. Even though I was signing up for a free trial through a promotion, the site had signed me up for a renewing subscription! If you're the type to forget, make sure you set a reminder on your phone.

Overall Quality: Overall, none of the items the website's stylist had picked out were items I had favorited. Still, the items were relatively nice.

Le Tote Monthly Jewelry Subscription
Le Tote Monthly Jewelry Subscription
The first was a bright green bangle. This was surprisingly well-made and I could see it adding a pop of color to a black dress.

Le Tote Green Bangle
Le Tote Jewelry Subscription Green Bangle
Next up was a long chain I styled over a plain black t-shirt. Although this was pretty, I think the quality was lower than average on the necklace.

Le Tote Jewelry Subscription Black Chain
The earrings were a big disappointment. Online, these earrings look like attention-getters. In real life, I could barely dig these out of the bag as they were so small! I like them but the photos were a bit misleading.

Le Tote Jewelry Subscription Earrings
Le Tote Jewelry Subscription Earrings
Would I order again? If it had been $19 to keep the items, I think I would subscribe. As you don't get to keep the items, it's not in my budget. I did end up ordering a few items off their website, and I will have a review of that process as soon as my order is complete!

 If you'd like to sign up and see for yourself, please click here (referral link).