Review & Tutorial: Kiss Everlasting French Manicure

Today, I want to talk about some new products I recently received free for testing purposes from Influenster in the Spring Fling VoxBox. Influenster is a really cool program that lets you try out new items in exchange for honest feedback. Influenster asks for your review, whereas other sampling programs may only want your endorsement. I will be doing a full blog post, but the first item from the box I really tried out was the Kiss Everlasting French Manicure (@Kiss Products #EverlastingFrench).

To start, I am not a press on nail person. There is a reason I have my nail polish organized (blog post coming up soon!): I really don't mind the "ordeal" of painting my nails. That said, I really enjoyed this product for what it was!

Final product: A bit long, so I ended up filing and shaping them to be slightly shorter. Overall, they were much easier compared to other "no dry time" techniques like Sally Hansen strips or other press-ons I have used in the past. Still, I did have some issues with longevity as I didn't do anything out of the ordinary to 'protect them'. One of the nails fell off within a day of normal use, so I would try to reserve using them for special occasions. 

Keep reading after the jump to see a picture and application tips!
Finished nails!

Here's a picture of the box, below, so you know what to look for in stores.

When you are applying glue, be CAREFUL! This is basically like crazy glue, so you can't just pour a gallon out of the container. Unfortunately.

Make sure to pick nails that FIT 100%. I picked a nail that was too big on my right hand, and ended up gluing the nail to just skin, rather than nail to nail. I would definitely recommend taking that extra 30 seconds to doublecheck the press on nails all fit.

Make sure to press hard from base to tip. Unlike other nails, these are a bit transparent, so you can see if there is excess glue underneath.

I hope this helps! Have you tried anything new with your nails lately? Let me know!