Money Tip Tuesday: 3 Tips on Store Surveys

I'm a firm believer that you make your own luck by looking out for opportunities. Just by filling out surveys as I've found them, I have been able to get $5 Starbucks gift certificates, $15 from CVS, and more. Is it going to make a huge dent on your wallet? I doubt it, but it can be fun for little treats you don't want to budget for!

Tips on Store Surveys
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1. Only answer surveys from brands and stores you trust. To give you an example...for the past year or so, I have been following @Simplymeasured on Twitter, as it has some great information for social media marketers. I was scrolling through my Twitter feed a few weeks ago, and read something along the lines of "Answer 5 questions for a coffee on us". As Simply Measured has over 230,000+ followers and has delivered great content, I wasn't worried it was a scam. I also have found some great-paying surveys at the end of emails from stores (think CVS) I had subscribed to. Once you start looking, you may be surprised how many opportunities there are!

Word of Warning: MANY internet surveys are scams or pay about $.10 for an hour's work. If you haven't heard of the company or have clicked a banner ad, close that browser! If your pop-up blocker seems to be having a heart-attack or you are asked for extremely personal information (maiden name, CC #), RUN! I am not talking about actively searching out surveys through Google-but being aware of survey opportunities from brands and stores you already trust!

2. Answer any survey requests quickly, and don't miss a step of participation. Many of the best store/brand surveys have participant limits, so try to answer within the first 10-12 hours of the survey. Since most jobs end at 5-7 pm, many surveys seem to close as people get off work.

Once you qualify and complete one survey, it becomes much easier to get the next one from that brand/store. My personal theory is that there is some kind of "bank" of successful survey participants; once you're in the bank, you will be asked as a former successful participant before everyone who has ever subscribed.

If you are asked to complete multiple surveys for a study, be aware that you may be banned from whole marketing services if you fail to complete it!

3. Don't use mobile. Unless it is for an app or a website specifically for mobile browsing, I would really hesitate using my phone for one of these surveys. It only takes one error for you to lose 5-10 minutes of answers or (even worse) the reward for participating. (...If you haven't guessed, I speak from experience.) If you do happen to take the survey and receive the reward on your phone, take a screenshot of the barcode! It might not always work, but it could be your saving grace!

Hope these tips help you get a few extra dollars every month! What have been your best paying surveys from trusted brands?

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