OOTD 7/25: Hawaiian Shirt OBSESSION

Okay, I have had a bit of an obsession lately with Hawaiian shirts. I know, I know, you are so sick of bloggers wearing them already!

 (Actually, if you do see any other bloggers in Hawaiian shirts, let me know!)

I had picked up a couple Hawaiian shirts at the thrift store about three weeks ago, and then two more popped up a week later. They are so comfortable and soft! For about $7 each (less than I would pay for a plain T-shirt at Target or TJ Maxx), I got basically brand new, quality shirts.

As for styling, I have been throwing them over some of my new pairs of shorts-this pair was also a thrift find. I think for the future, I really am going to amp up the contrast between the traditional masculine shirt with hair and makeup styling.

(Tommy Bahama Shell Dance Shirt, Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker Shorts)