OOTD: Off-Broadway Day

Today, I am sharing with you my outfit of the day for last Friday. I hope to be sharing more outfits of the day as I think it's a great way to assess your style. Although I have a full-length mirror, there's really nothing like seeing a picture of yourself to see what works!

Outfit of the Day Off Broadway
Outfit: Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses (similar), Banana Republic Dress (similar), Thrifted Saks 5th Avenue Purse (similar), Capwell Silver and Black Diamond Pave Necklace, Old Navy Flipflops

On Friday, I went to go see Atomic and it was not so good (Click those links to see professional reviews who also weren't a fan!). I took out one of my favorite light dresses, and paired it with my revamped thrifted black purse. It had been broken in the back, so I took it to a shoe repairman. He warned me that it may not be 100% fixed, so I took the extra precaution of kind of holding it in my hand. Still, this purse's cuteness more than makes up for it!