Review of Christina M Boutique (Etsy)

Christina M Boutique Chunky Gold Chain Convertible Necklace

Kimberly of Penny Pincher Fashion hosted a giveaway way back for $100 to the Christina M Boutique (etsy) at the end of 2013. Kimberly has long been one of my favorite style bloggers, and it was really cool to win something from her!

Christina M Boutique was a bit slow with delivery of the prize. It took a few emails and followups to get the 3 items I had chosen 2-3 months after the giveaway. If I am anything, I am persistent! 

The first was the 44 Inch Gold Oval Link Necklace (~$33) was immediately "stolen" by a friend, within days of me getting it. She loves it, and will not be giving it back anytime soon! 

 The top picture at this post is the Chunky Gold Chain Convertible Necklace ($32). This looks great on, but it can be a bit scratchy if worn directly against bare skin. I have mainly worn it as a necklace, and like it to contrast it with softer looks.

Gold Tassel Necklace ($32), as worn by Penny Pincher Fashion. I have worn this the most, as it is super light and comfortable. I can throw it over a plain t shirt to jazz it up a bit. If you are on the shorter end, you may want to pick another necklace as it is does drop relatively low and can't be wrapped twice. 
Christina M Boutique Etsy Gold Tassel Necklace
Christina M Boutique on Etsy Review
If you are in the market for a simple costume jewelry chain in the range of $25-50 and can wait a bit, this store may be a good option for you!