Review of Repeat Offfender (via Fractured Fashion)

Liz of Fractured Fashion recently hosted a great giveaway for Repeat Offfender rings (by Jordan Graves). Jordan creates rings and other jewelry designs with a 3d printing machine.

Shipping was fast and came with a nice note from Liz!

Repeat Offfender Rings Review
 First off, let's just look at this packaging. Absolutely adorable and sturdy! I don't know how fragile 3d printed objects are, so I will be storing them in this packaging to be extra safe.

I really like to pair these two rings together on one hand. I think it really calls attention to the unique 3-d printed shape.
Repeat Offfender Rings
I wore these during work and had no problem typing; the rings were very comfortable for me as a size 7 ring. In the future, I think I will pair this with some of my more basic outfits (jeans and t-shirts) to jazz them up!
What unique jewelry boutiques or bloggers have you been reading? Let me know!!!