The Typical Thrifting Before and After

If you have looked into thrifting and secondhand culture online, you quickly see a pattern. Small, "quirky" women taking and refashioning "extremely large" secondhand clothes. Today, I'm going to let you know why this is one of my pet peeves!

Before I start, I am not criticizing those who are hemming, or cutting off sleeves of an otherwise perfect garment. I am talking about people buying clothes that are clearly made for people 5-6 inches taller, or drastically different body shapes (I would link but I do not want to give any individual more publicity).

Why does it matter if people remake clothing that doesn't fit them?

It's phrased in language to suggest one ideal petite body type. Nearly all of the "before" photos phrase it as a "crazy big", "huge", "enormous" dress and have poses emphasizing the large amounts of fabric. If this is the case, what is the point of buying clothes too big for you and clearly made for another body type? Clothing reflects the variety of people who wear it! 

It's like if a friend 5 inches shorter than you came into your closet and said your clothing was "enormous" and "crazy big"...

It gives the impression that thrift stores are only composed of clothing for huge people. Most of the thrift shops I have been to actually have a lot less clothing for average and large sized people. For example, items in the 00-4 size range can last for weeks, while anything bigger can be gone within a few days tops. There is enough dresses in the small range that have "amazing patterns" and unusual colors; don't take it from people who *are* that size and can't make the garment bigger.

It's like if a friend went into the mall and told you she could only find clothing 5 sizes too big... 

What do you think? Are you a fan? Let me know!