10 tips for packing for college (Part 3)

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8. Foldable chair/seating: When you have a tiny bedroom, it can be hard to justify any extra furniture. Having a folding chair in my room made ALL the difference. Your friends don't need to sit on the floor, and you can fold it up when you need to pack it!

9. Sunscreen/Sunglasses/Cap: Outdoor events are much more fun when you aren't squinting and sunburned. It may seem really dorky to pack it, but it'll come in handy! (Plus, even if you only need it once badly, you won't be rebuying a $20 baseball cap).

10. Don't bring your TV. I know it can seem super long when you first start, but it goes so fast! (People aren't just exaggerating when they say it seems like only a few months...). So, for one, don't bring it because there will be a ton of things to keep you from being bored. Second, it takes up a ton of space in your room...just get a larger desktop screen (available for $150-200) that can be used for both work and TV watching.

What are your essentials? What tips would you give for packing for college?